Keyforge Set 4 Mass Mutation Deck

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"Don't try to change the Crucible to fit your needs. Let it change you."

Change is coming to the Crucible with the Mass Mutation set for the world’s only Unique Deck Game, KeyForge. Over 200 brand-new cards now enter the cardpool in the game’s fourth set, and the mutative power of the dark æmber has changed many of them, creating strange and unknown versions of once-familiar creatures. As gigantic creatures stretching across two cards lumber their way into battle, and House Sanctum makes its triumphant return, there has never been a more impactful time to leap into the fast-paced duels of KeyForge.

Each Mass Mutation Archon Deck contains a single, ready-to-play 36-card deck, bringing together three of the diverse Houses of the Crucible into a single deck—featuring its own mix of cards and unique from every other Archon Deck in existence.


Each player uses their unique deck which includes 3 different houses.  Players choose which house they will use each turn. Play, use, or discard cards from that house in an attempt to collect aember.  Collect 6 aember to forge a key.  Forge 3 keys to win.  

Play Time: 45 Minutes
Players: 2
Ages: 14+

*NOTE: This is one deck.  Both players need a deck to play. Tokens are also helpful, but may be improvised. Two Player Starter Sets contain 2 decks and enough tokens for 2 players.  Deluxe Archon decks contain 1 deck and enough tokens for 1 Player.

Keyforge Mass Mutation Deluxe Archon Deck

Keyforge Mass Mutation Two Player Starter Set