Mayhem: Teen Titans Go Bundle

Mayhem: Teen Titans Go Bundle

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Teen Titans Go! Mayhem

Finishing Tasks Is a Bit More Extreme When You’re A Superhero

The Teen Titans have a lot to do during the day. Monitor the city and stop any crime that’s happening. Keep tabs on supervillains. Iron their capes. Get the high score in the latest videogame. To get everything done, the Titans have split into two teams. Even though it didn’t start as a contest to see who could get everything done first, the gauntlet has been thrown down and if it means a little playful combat, so be it.

Teen Titans GO! Mayhem puts players in the role of the Titans as they go around the city trying to complete missions and gain VPs. Of course, completing the missions isn’t the only one way to gain VPs. They can also KO one-another to speed up their victory! Roll the Mayhem die and see just how much damage can be done in this winner-take-all contest.


Teen Titans Go! Mayhem

  • 4 Pre-Painted Figures: Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven
  • 4 Character Dashboards
  • 10 Location Tiles
  • 4 Activation Dice
  • 1 Mahem Die
  • 4 Counter Bases
  • 22 Mahem Cards
  • 12 Go! Cards
  • 92 Tokens
  • 1 Rule Book

Teen Titans Go! Mayhem Extras

  • 8 Pre-Painted Figures: Mammoth, Jinx, Deathstroke, Beast Boy, Beast Boy: T-Rex, Beast Boy: Gorilla, Beast Boy: Cheetah, Trigon
  • 5 Character Dashboards
  • 3 Beast Boy Transformation Cards
  • 2 Counter Bases

Teen Titans Go!  2-Figure Pack

  • 2 Pre-Painted Figures: Nightwing, Blackfire
  • 2 Character Dashboards


Play Time: 30 Minutes
Players: 2-4 Players
Ages: 10+