amc The Walking Dead No Sanctuary Killer Within Expansion

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Rick and his band of survivors finally find a safe haven...except it's a prison already inhabited by ravenous Walkers and untrustworthy humans! As you play, you'll have to defend your new home from threats both outside and within. Add new playable Survivors to your crew - Michonne, Carol, Carl, and Tyreese - and settle in for a new life behind bars, for as long as you can stay alive there. How long will you be able to last with the Killer Within? NOTE: this is not a standalone expansion. Base game required.


  • 4 Survivor Figures
  • 10 Riot Gear Walker Figures
  • 10 Prisoner Figures
  • 4 Double-sided Map Tiles
  • 50 Event Cards
  • 60 Survivor Cards
  • 1 Reference Card
  • 4 Survivor Sheets
  • 1 Rival Sheet
  • 4 Scenario Sheets
  • 15 Tokens
  • Rules Sheet

    Play Time: 120 Minutes
    Players: 1-4
    Ages: 15+