Arkham Horror LCG Revised Core Set
Arkham Horror LCG Revised Core Set

Arkham Horror LCG Revised Core Set

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"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
    –H. P. Lovecraft

In the sleepy town of Arkham, Massachusetts, a small band of intrepid investigators seeks to uncover the nature of a sinister menace that threatens humanity. But beware! The arcane realm holds countless terrors, and the investigators must take care to maintain a tenuous grip upon their very sanity, and survive.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a one to four player cooperative game in which each player assumes the role of an investigator and attempts to solve terrifying eldritch mysteries.  Each game is a chapter in a longer campaign in which decisions carry far-reaching and unexpected consequences.  As a Living Card Game, new cards and adventures are released regularly, allowing players to customize the contents of this core set, or to create their own original decks.

The Ancient Ones await. 
Can you uncover their secrets and live to tell the tale?


For new players that haven’t yet experienced the cooperative investigations and gripping campaigns of Arkham Horror: The Card Game, there’s no better place to start than the Revised Core Set! With a single copy of the Revised Core Set, players have everything they need to start playing with one to four players— just by picking a pre-built investigator deck and leaping into the first scenario of the Night of the Zealot campaign included in this Core Set. Once they’ve completed those three scenarios, there are plenty of options for choosing their next campaign—the Revised Core Set is fully compatible with all previously released Arkham Horror: The Card Game products.


  • 5 Investigator Cards
  • 5 Mini-Cards
  • 111 Scenario Cards
  • 245 Player Cards
  • 61 Resource Tokens
  • 44 Chaos Tokens
  • 27 Horror Tokens
  • 40 Damage Tokens
  • 57 Clue/Doom Tokens
  • 1 Campaign Guide
  • 1 Learn to Play Book
  • 1 Rules Reference Guide

Protect your game with sleeves:

  • 8 Packs Matte or Prime Gamegenic! Standard Card Game sleeves
  • 1 Pack Matte or Prime Gamegenic! Mini American sleeves 

Play Time: 45 Minutes per player
Players: 1-4 Players
Ages: 14+

Ready to Expand Your Game?

Campaign expansions will add more scenarios to your game and Investigator Expansions can be used to build or enhance your investigator decks.