PIXIO MonoColor Sticks Blue
PIXIO MonoColor Sticks Blue

PIXIO MonoColor Sticks Blue

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The MonoColor Sticks are a each a set of 16 magnet blocks in one color. Mix and match to make whatever you can imagine!

PIXIO is a unique construction set in which magnetic blocks are connected thanks to a well-thought-out system of magnets. One PIXIO block is a plastic cube 8 x 8 x 8 mm in size and has inside 6 magnets. Blocks can be connected to each other in any sequence from different sides. Just take the PIXIO block in your hand and place it where you want it to be - BANG! - the PIXIO block is connected. Ages 6+

If you’re looking for calm and confidence, then surround yourself with blue. In many cultures, blue is tied to stability, loyalty, reliability, and eternity. Deep blue is known as indigo—the color of superpowers. You’ll get 16 blue PIXIO blocks to create all kinds of objects. If you want more colors, mix in any of the other 16 in the set.