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A game of passive aggressive cohabitation.
Communicate and compromise while working together to decorate your shared home.victory.


Decorum is a cooperative, hidden information game where you and your partner share the same objective: decorate your home in a way that makes you both happy. The problem is, different things make each of you happy and nobody says exactly what they need. Can you find a happy compromise, or is it time to move out?!

Play through 30 unique scenarios, each introducing new twists and challenges.
Keep your conditions a secret, they say how you want the house decorated.
Add, remove, and swap objects, or repaint rooms to make the house look just right… for you.
Respond with “Love it”, “Hate it”, or “Fine with it” to work together toward a perfectly decorated home.
There is a solution for each scenario, the trick is figuring it out in time.


  • 20 x 2-player Scenario Campaigns
  • 10 x 3/4-Player Scenarios
  • 48 x Unique Object Tokens
  • 16 x Wall Color Tokens
  • 1 x Wooden Round Track Token
  • 4 x Roommate Tokens
  • 5 x Heart-to-heart Tokens
  • 2 x Secret Unlock Envelopes
  • Double-sided House Board
  • Round Track
  • 4 x Envelope Dividers
  • Rule Book
Ages: 13+
Players: 2-4
Time: 30-45 Minutes