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DHD RPG Dice Set Mystery Season 5

DHD RPG Dice Set Mystery Season 5

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Having vanquished the dragon, the group of adventurers look to its glittering hoard. Shimmering gemstones and radiant golden coins filled the cavern, with resplendent armor and noble weaponry intermingled among the spectacle of wealth. Now, the adventurers set about the enormous task of dividing the spoils.

Receive a random polymer set from across the history of Die Hard Dice - or even something unreleased. Add a bit of randomness to your next character, or sprinkle some chaos into your next campaign. Mystery bags contain one random polymer set from among 40 different possibilities, including an unreleased Avalore set! 


  • Designs pulled from our entire polymer collection
  • Dice of every color of the rainbow
  • Standard 7-piece RPG set
  • All sets are made of acrylic or resin polymer