DHD RPG Set Metal Bard and Barbarian - Harm and Harmony

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Celebrate the chorus of dissonance on the battlefield with this Bard and Barbarian 7-piece metal dice set!

Need additional support? Purchase the Support Packs which come in single color 2d6s (teal)2d12s (red), or one of each


 Excellent heft and authoritative feel when rolling
• Solid metal dice, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy
• Electroplated with ultra bright platinum finish 
• Each face is hand painted with our new two-tone technique, combining red and teal
• These dice sparkle like dragon treasure
• Special 'Bard' symbol on the 6 face of the d6
• Special 'Barbarian' symbol on the 12 face of the d12
• Created in collaboration with Bard and Barbarian


Bard and Barbarian is a passion project from Justus Hughes and Diana DiMicco. They multiclassed in storytelling and design to bring you the best content and merchandise nerddom has to offer.