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DHD RPG Dice Set Polychrome Diaglyph Auric Amethys

DHD RPG Dice Set Polychrome Diaglyph Auric Amethys

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A sword of legend. Lighter than metal, it sweeps through the air, cutting down opponents with deadly precision. Some say it is forged of quicksilver, sky iron, or perhaps an unknown material known only to dwarven forgemasters. Whatever its origin, it bears a striking resemblance to metal... but is something that grants much greater finesse.

Polychrome! When you want the chromed out look of metal, but don't want to break your dungeon master's table, these lightweight polymer dice will serve you well.


- Shiny gold with colored resin inlay
- Softer, rounded edges of our Elessia design
- Traditional 7 piece RPG dice set
- Made of acrylic polymer