Join us for our 5th Saturday Sale September 30th!

Fifth Saturday Sale

Fifth Saturday Sale

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Open from 10 am to 8 pm, the play space is closed to events and open to deals.
Head to the back to search the loot for the best sales!

Some of our most popular parts of Fifth Saturday Sale are:
Loot Boxes
Board Game Loot Boxes have 3-5 older games at a steal sale price
TCG Loot Boxes have product bundles from previous sets 
These sell fast, so get here early!
Castaway Expansions
Leftover from when we used to sell the base game - add to your collection for a bargain

Used Game Gangplank
1 copy each - Demos of games no longer in store, at the cheapest they can be
2/$10 & 3/$10 Miniatures
Older wave minis at a low, low price to make room for the new waves coming out
Plus even more product "sailing away" on sale!
Halcyon Reward Members open a Halcyon egg to receive a free gift or even a discount!
Open before your purchase or on your way out.