Flesh and Blood Skirmish Season 7

Flesh and Blood Skirmish Season 7

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Skirmish Season 7 is here! 

Sunday August 13 at 12 pm
32 Seats | Blitz Constructed

The event will be swiss rounds followed by a top cut.
8 Players: 3 Swiss Rounds no Top Cut
9-16 Players: 4 Swiss Rounds with a Top 4 Cut

Registration will begin at 11:30 and round one will start promptly at 12:00 PM.

Prize Distribution

1st    - Genesis Cold Foil
         - Flicker Trick Playmat
2nd   - Flicker Trick Playmat
3rd - 4th    - 1x of each rainbow foil hero promo
5th - 8th    - 2x random rainbow foil hero promos
Everyone will receive a Herald of Tenacity (Extended Art Rainbow Foil)
A Genesis Cold Foil will be given out as a giveaway! 

Your event seat includes:
* Free Wi-Fi. Many tables have outlets & USB ports to charge anything. 
* Cell phone charging cable & battery available upon request.
* Player-donated FAB bulk chaff. Their trash might be your treasure!