King of Tokyo New York Monster Pack 2: King Kong

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King Kong is ready to conquer the Empire State Building and Tokyo Tower to find his love.

Will you dare crossing his path or worse, capture his beloved?

The King King Monster Pack introduces two new game elements:

  • The Tokyo Tower to use in King of Tokyo.
  • The Empire State building to play in King of New York. 


  • 1 King Kong figure with a plastic base.
  • 1 King Kong scorecard.
  • 1 Tokyo Tower building.
  • 1 Empire State Buiding.
  • 1 card Belle.
  • 8 King Kong evolutions cards for King of Tokyo.
  • 8 King Kong evolutions cards for King of New York.
  • 1 rule sheet.

*NOTE: This is an expansion. King of Tokyo or King of New York is required to play.