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Come test out your competitive deck builds at Halcyon - meetup to play, with a tournament when it can fire!

Available Seats: 16      Fee: $5.95

* Free Wifi.

* Cell Phone Charging is available upon request.

* Vending Machine and Water Dispenser available.

* Free player-supported chaff cards. (Don't forget to give back when you can!)

* Free MTG land cards are available if needed.

* Forgot your playmat? No problem, you may borrow one.


What is CEDH?

cEDH, or competitive Elder Dragon Highlander, refers to a sub-format of the popular Commander format that’s specifically targeted towards competitive cards, decks, and players. cEDH is known for having much more cutthroat playstyles and strategies that almost always revolve around an infinite combo to win the game.

cEDH is a format meant for competitive players who are experienced in the world of both Magic as a game and Commander as a format and understand the complexities of the stack, how various interactions work, and how to sequence infinite combos.