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MTG Murders at Karlov Manor Premium Prerelease

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor Premium Prerelease

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Friday 2/2 and Saturday 2/3 at 7:00 pm | 8 Seats
Registration cutoff Sat 1/27 to allow time to create custom gifts.

Enjoy Prerelease even more with dinner, a playmat, and custom gift on top of your Prerelease Kit!

Murder! Mystery! Magic! A string of alarming murders streaks across the plane of Ravnica, and players will step into the shoes of Ravnica's greatest detectives to track the clues and crack the case. Will you uncover the mastermind before it's too late?

Players crack open a Prerelease Pack, build a Sealed deck, and try out the set for the first time in a casual tournament. Earn 1 play booster per win with more promos to be given out!

Read about our play space here.