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MTG Secret Lair Finally! Left-Handed Magic Cards

MTG Secret Lair Finally! Left-Handed Magic Cards

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When Magic was first created in the early ’90s, the original plan was to have two kinds of frames—one for righties, and one for lefties. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, only the right-handed frames were produced and the game was billed as an ambidextrous product. We believe this wrong has gone unrighted (unlefted?) for too long. No more will our players be forced to play with sub-optimal, right-handed cards. This is Magic as it was always intended, featuring five of the game’s coolest lefties, lovingly rendered by Volkan Baga, Jesper Ejsing, Andrew Mar, Chris Seaman, Matt Stewart. 


  • 1x Left-Handed Sisay, Weatherlight Captain  
  • 1x Left-Handed Empress Galina 
  • 1x Left-Handed Geralf’s Messenger 
  • 1x Left-Handed Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh 
  • 1x Left-Handed Garruk, Caller of Beasts