MTG Secret Lair: Stranger Things Foil Edition

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Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair

Stranger Things:

A tie-in with the 2016 American science fiction horror Netflix series. Stranger Things is set in the fictional rural town of Hawkins, Indiana, during the early 1980s. The nearby Hawkins National Laboratory ostensibly performs scientific research for the United States Department of Energy, but secretly does experiments into the paranormal and supernatural, including those that involve human test subjects. Inadvertently, they have created a portal to an alternate dimension, "the Upside Down". The influence of the Upside Down affects the unknowing residents of Hawkins in calamitous ways. The main characters are fervent Dungeons & Dragons players, which is reflected in some of the card names. This drop features eight mechanically unique cards and a Clue token. It introduces the Friends forever keyword ability.


  • 1x Foil Eleven, the Mage
  • 1x Foil Mike, the Dungeon Master
  • 1x Foil Will the Wise
  • 1x Foil Dustin, Gadget Genius
  • 1x Foil Lucas, the Sharpshooter
  • 1x Foil Max, the Daredevil
  • 1x Foil Chief Jim Hopper
  • 1x Foil Mind Flayer, the Shadow
  • 1x Foil Clue token