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It’s snowing! It’s snowing, everyone! Don’t you love to just go outside and let the first snowflake fall on your tongue—WHY IS THIS SNOW SO POINTY? IT’S MADE OF PIXELS! IT’S SO SHARP! WE REGRET EVERYTHING! 

Upon further review, we believe it’s best to admire this beautiful pixelated snowscape by artist Jubilee from afar—like on a Magic card. These are some of the coolest Snow Basics we’ve ever printed, and they’re exactly what you’re looking for to elevate any deck or collection. Just skip the snowballs. Trust us.


  • 1x Snow-Covered Plains 
  • 1x Snow-Covered Island 
  • 1x Snow-Covered Swamp 
  • 1x Snow-Covered Mountain 
  • 1x Snow-Covered Forest