MTG Streets of New Capenna Theme Booster Pack The Cabaretti

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The Cabaretti Streets of New Capenna Theme Booster (Red-Green-White) contains 35 cards, with a combination of 1–2 cards of rarity Rare or higher (2 in 10% of packs) and 33–34 Uncommon and/or Common cards.

Gifted magicians, elite assassins, party monsters, destruction workers, and demonic lawyers—join one of New Capenna’s powerful families and scheme your way to riches with a theme booster that gives you the types of cards you want.

• 35 Streets of New Capenna Cards
• 1–2 cards of rarity Rare or higher in every booster
• Build a Red-Green-White deck with the best MTG boosters for deck building
• Become part of The Cabaretti crime family, where fun isn’t free
• Establish a criminal empire with your family of literal party monsters