Pokemon TCG League Challenge

Pokemon TCG League Challenge

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Once a month | 24 Seats

Pokémon TCG League Challenge tournaments help players earn Championship Points and work toward earning an invitation to the World Championships!

  • Each player will receive 2 booster packs for participation.
  • Each player will receive 1 Play Point in their Pokémon Trainer Club account for participating. 
  • With 24 players, top 8 players will receive 8-15 Championship points dependent on placement.
  • 1 booster pack per 2 players up to a maximum of 12 will be included into the prize pool given to top placements.

Must have a registered Pokémon Trainer Club account with Player ID to participate.
Players must bring their own 60-card Standard deck with tournament legal sleeves.
Players must fill out or bring a completed paper deck list. Blank copies will be available.


Your event seat includes:
* Free Wifi.
* Cell Phone Charging available upon request.
* Water dispenser and vending machine in play space.
* Free Pokémon energy cards are available if needed.
* Forgot your playmat? No problem, you can borrow one of ours!