Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet Prerelease

A completely new era of Pokémon TCG in 2023!

About this experience

Registration will begin 1 hour before the event start time.
If participants have not registered and paid by 15 minutes before the event start time, their slot may be given to someone on the waitlist. If participants have prepaid, we will hold their slot until the event start time. Participants may call and put their name on the registration list or sign up in the store.


**Event: **
Participants will receive 1 Build & Battle Box. This box will be used to build a 40 card deck. We will allow up to 30 minutes for deck building. Basic Energy cards will be provided.

We will use single-game matches for 3 rounds, using Age-Modified Swiss Pairings. Participants will use 4 prize cards instead of the normal 6. Each round will be 20 minutes.


**Prizes :**
Each participant will receive 2 Prize Packs for Playing in all 3 Rounds. The remaining Prize Packs will be pooled together and awarded based on ranking.


Available Seats: 24 Fee: $29.95

* Free Wifi.

* Cell Phone Charging is available upon request.

* Vending Machine and cold/room temp/hot water available.

* Free player-supported chaff cards. (Don't forget to give back when you can!)

* Free Pokémon energy cards are available if needed.

* Forgot your playmat? No problem, you can borrow one of ours!

* The fee covers you for the whole event, even if you leave for part of the event time.