Stat Trackers 'shrooms
Stat Trackers 'shrooms

Stat Trackers 'shrooms

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You get 3 beautiful little crystal mushroom tokens. The random 'shrooms you get each have a specific effect you can use in 5th edition. Just use the included 'shroom Decoder to see which of the 31 varieties of 'shrooms you got. The invisi'shroom, or a healer 'shroom? or shroom with unique powers like the thunda'shroom that you smash on the ground to create a thunderwave? Or maybe, if you're lucky, a rare or legendary 'shroom, like a kaboom 'shroom that goes off like a fireball, or a god 'shroom that boosts your stats to god-like proportions!

31 different crystal 'shrooms to collect, each with its  own magical effect for 5e! The secretive Forest Goblins cultivate magic ’shrooms that make you fly when you eat them, heal you, or cause you to belch terror-inducing psychedelic spores. There are even legendary ’shrooms that give you the stats of a god. For a while at least.

These 5th edition ’shroom crystals add a great new element to the game, and are just plain fun to collect!