The Big Book of Madness: The Vth Element Expansion

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The Big Book of Madness: The Vth Element is an expansion for The Big Book of Madness base game.  Your goal remains the same: you must close the book before succumbing to the madness.  But will you be able to handle the new Dark Matter and Phobias?

  • Play with the new Phobia Cards
  • Master the Dark Matter
  • Fight terrifying new Monsters
  • Open a new book of Spells
  • Discover new Magicians


  • 12 Dark Curse cards
  • 28 Dark Matter cards
  • 5 Dark matter tokens
  • 20 Dark Book cards
  • 16 Phobia cards
  • 4 New Magician sheets
  • 13 Grimoire cards 
  • 1 rulebook

* NOTE: This is an Expansion.  The Big Book of Madness is required to play.