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Welcome to New London

Everything in this city seems to be in decay. The industrial smog is choking the city to death, but there is nothing its citizens can do about it. The Royal Company controls what comes in, what goes out, and all the people who live within. What's strange is that nobody seems to remember when they came to power -- or how they stay in power, for that matter.

However, a few key citizens with extraordinary talents in the art of lock-picking have just received a series of strange lock boxes inviting them to a mysterious location near The Station. These individuals come from all walks of life and social tiers, drawn together for some unknown purpose by a masked stranger.

This is Triplock, the latest game from acclaimed designers Josh and Adam Carlson and Chip Theory Games. This heavily-themed abstract game will have you wracking your brain to solve locks faster than your opponent. Play 1 vs. 1 against another lock breaker, or take on The Station in a series of four solo challenges as you begin to unravel the mysteries of New London. Play vanilla rules for a completely level playing field, or take on the role of one of four unique personas to add new strategic depth and theme to each game.



  • Neoprene Master Lock Mat
  • 6 Character Persona Cards
  • 6 Large Character Backstory Cards
  • 2 Custom Heat Transferred Lock-picking Dice
  • 1 Golden-marbled Solo Die
  • 8 weighted Failsafe Chips
  • 4 weighted Mechanism Chips
  • The Station Solo Scenario (4 PVC Challenge Cards and 1 Large PVC Location Card)
  • 30 Diagram Cards
  • 5 Tracking/Reference Cards
  • 2 Tracking Beads
  • Rulebook


Play Time: 10-15 Minutes
Players: 1-2
Ages: 12+