You Lying Sack

You Lying Sack

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About the game

 You Lying Sack is a first-of-its kind collaboration with Penn Jillette of the legendary magic-duo Penn & Teller.

To play, reach into the Lying Sack and secretly grab Good or Bad Things, then go around the table and offer your closed fist. You will need to bluff, double-bluff, and do whatever 8 overlapping bluffs is called to outsmart your opponents. The odds change each turn, so your strategy should too. Will you outsmart your opponents? Or will you get caught?

How to play


  • 1 Good Thing
  • 50 Bad Things
  • The Lying Sack
  • The Die
  • 1 Gameboard

Play Time: 15 Minutes
Players: 3 - 6
Age: 7+