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Zip Up Ring Binder Slim Black

Zip Up Ring Binder Slim Black

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This elegant and compact ring-binder has 3 smaller rings and can carry standard-sized 9- or 18-pocket pages. It is covered with Nexofyber surface which provides an elegant look and comfortable feel while being water-repellent. The inside of the Zip-Up Ring-Binder Slim is covered with soft microfiber lining. A durable zipper closes the binder completely and protects all cards from dust and dirt. The reinforced front- and back-cover add a thick layer of protection that keeps your card collection safe.


  • Suitable for all standard-sized 9– or 18-pocket pages
  • Uniquely designed zipper puller for maximum grip
  • For up to 25-pocket pages
  • A flexible organizer for your trading cards
  • Ring-binder for standard- and Japanese-sized cards
  • Thick front and back for increased protection
  • Premium materials (Nexofyber surface + microfiber inner lining)
  • Inner microfiber lining in matching color