Board Game Date Night

It was a strange sensation walking out the door of the hotel without our cell phones as we headed to dinner.  Then arriving at dinner and being presented a QR code for the menu...but we had no phones to scan it with.  A paper menu, a nice dinner, and an hour later we found ourselves back at the hotel room ready to truly begin our adventure.

For our Board Game Date Night, we had 12 games, and 30 hours (including meals and some sleep time) of no electronics in which to explore them. It's interesting how no electronics changes the game.  There are no timers, except those in the games themselves, no checking the time, or idle scrolling on your phone only giving the game, or your partner, part of your attention.  There is just you, your partner, and the games.

So without further ado, here are the 12 games, in no particular order:

  1. Blindspot
  2. The Crew
  3. 88 Great Conversation Starters for Husbands & Wives
  4. Silver & Gold
  5. Rosetta: The Lost Language
  6. Jaipur
  7. Eleminis
  8. Festo
  9. Ctrl
  10. Azul
  11. Pendulum
  12. Wingspan

Now, for the detailed reviews:


Bryan says, "I really wanted to like this game.  I think it would play better with more players, and you would probably get better at it over time.  It is an interesting concept, but I would not bring this back to Board Game Date Night."

Frankie says, "I love word games and puzzle games.  I thought this was going to be like a word seek puzzle, but it was definitely more challenging than that.  The timer makes it even more stressful, especially with only 2 players.  You only get 30 seconds to find a word; so with only 2 of us, you don't get much time to look at the board before it's your turn again.  I really think it may be more fun with more players, but I don't think we'll be playing it with 2 players again."

The Crew:

Frankie says, "This may be my new favorite 2-player game.  This game is not listed as a 2 player game, but it does have a 2 player variant and I love it.  We used to love to play Two Player Spades (not as much as playing with another couple), but this game is a very satisfying replacement.  It also plays very nicely with 3 or 4 players. I'm not that into space themed games, but this one is great, because it's not an integral part of the game.  It has enough storyline to feel like it's a space themed game though, which I also enjoyed because I like completing missions (preferably on the first try)! "

Bryan says, "This is a fun cooperative trick taking game with a space theme.  If you like trick taking games you will like this one.  It has a two player variant, but plays better with more people,  The two player variant made some missions easier and others harder.  The base game includes 50 missions designed to be played sequentially and we made it through 18 of them.  This will definitely  stay in the Board Game Date Night rotation."

88 Great Conversation Starters for Husbands & Wives:

Bryan says, "This was given to us by a friend of Frankie's.  It's not really a game, but it was very thought provoking and interesting late at night after several hours of no electronics.  We made it through a few of the questions and will probably continue to work our way through them at future date nights."

Frankie says, "We've tried a few different question type games before.  This one was definitely not the same old questions.  They really made you think and for some of them we talked extensively.  Maybe it was just not having electronics to distract us?"

Silver & Gold:

Frankie says, "This game was quite enjoyable as a 2 player game.  It's quick and easy to learn.  It's also small so you can take it with you almost anywhere.  It comes with dry erase markers which you will use on the cards. The erasers on the markers aren't great so I would recommend taking something to wipe the cards off with.  It has a little strategy and some randomness to keep it from getting boring.  It's also good with 3 or 4 players as well. "

Bryan says, "I really enjoyed this game.  If you like roll and writes you will like this game.  One of the few games that feels like it would play the same at any number of players too, from 2 players to the max of 4 players."

Rosetta: The Lost Language:

Bryan says, "This was a fun date night game.  It was interesting to see how we could look at the same thing and have completely different perspectives.  I do think this game would play better with a larger group, but it was still fun and will probably stay in the rotation."

Frankie says, "I love this game.  It is great for couples to work on their communication skills with and to realize that you don't always see things the same way.  Yes, there is drawing; but no, you do not have to be an artist at all to play. It is also fun with more players, but honestly, they can make it harder too by providing even more ideas."


Frankie says, "I had seen this game on the top of many recommended for 2 players lists.  We laid out the cards and I wasn't too sure about the camels, but I love this game.  It is easy to learn and strategic enough to keep you wanting to play.  It is only for 2 players, best 2 out of 3 games wins. Who knew camels could be so fun?"

Bryan says, "This game is a classic.  This is a strictly two player game and I loved it.  I can't believe we had not played it before.  It is quick to learn and plays quick too.  This will stay in the rotation for sure."


Bryan says, "This is a quick little fun game, although not that great as a two player game, it would probably be a lot of fun with a larger group."

Frankie says, "This is an adorable little game meant to be played and scored over many rounds like Uno or Rummy.  It is super easy and quick.  It just doesn't quite have enough to it for 2 players.  I can't wait to try it with a larger group, but it's not a Date Night game for us."


Frankie says, "This is another favorite.  I love the fantasy theme, the cooking theme, and the bright colors.  I cannot wait to play it again!  It worked out great for 2 players and I think it will be fun to play with more as well."

Bryan says, "I rather enjoyed this game.  I'm sure it would play differently with a lager group as well, plays with up to 5 players, but it was a fun two player game.  What's not to like about cooking and fantasy creatures (Orcs, Trolls, Pixies, Wizards, Dwarves, and Elves)."


Bryan Says, "This game would probably be better with more players.  The two player variant has you playing as two separate players, but only scoring one, chosen secretly in advance by you, so the your second player is either assisting you or providing interference for the other player.  Some people might actually enjoy that aspect of the two player variant, but I didn't, so I think I'll try this one again with 3 or 4 players."

Frankie says, "I really enjoyed this game.  It was hard to keep up with the 2 player variant though.  I think it's much better suited for 3 or 4 players.  The pieces are fun to fiddle with and stack while waiting for your turn so even if you don't have electronic devices there is something to do."


Frankie says, "Azul is a great game that looks a little complicated, but is super easy to play.  The pieces are top notch and I love the designs on the tiles.  It works well for 2 players and more.  I can't wait to try the other variants and definitely see the benefit of the new expansion that holds the tiles in place so they don't shift on your board."

Bryan says, "This is another one of those games that I feel plays great at any number of players.  I enjoy this game, I just wish we could keep it in stock better as we are currently waiting a restock again.  This game will stay in the rotation."


Bryan says, "We were fortunate to receive our copies of this game early and we were granted permission to open one for demo purposes, so we took it a long to learn how to play it.  I really enjoy this game, but the real time aspect of it can make it somewhat stressful.  There is a lot going on and a lot to pay attention to at once.  I'm eager to try this one with more players too.  This game is available for preorder now and release on September 18th."

Frankie says, "This is the game I love and  I really enjoy playing this.  There are just a lot of choices, timer flipping, and we're both playing at the same time.  It grows on me each time I play though.  It is probably the heaviest in terms of strategy and game skills of all the games we played on our Date Night.  We haven't played it with more than 2 players yet, but I'm eager to see if and how that changes game play.  I love the timers and the concept of the timers, but I really enjoyed playing the game with the non-timer variant."


Frankie says, "I waited forever to play this game. Everyone told me I was going to love it.  Well, sometimes, that's a lot to live up to and you don't want to be disappointed.  I love nature and science, but birds weren't all that for me, so I wasn't too sure about the theme.  That being said, everyone was right, I absolutely love this game.  The mechanics are great, the pieces are stellar quality, and I've enjoyed it with just 2 of us and 3 or 4 of us.  I like the little tidbit of information about the birds too; I love learning new things.  This game has quite a bit of strategy, but is super easy to learn, especially with the new Swift Start that comes in the game.  Honestly, every game should have this.  It walks you through the first 4 turns step by step and by then you know all the rules and really don't have to read the rule book!  This may just be my new favorite Number 1 Game, sorry Mystic Vale."

Bryan says, "We went through three complete restocks of this game before we felt the supply vs. demand had stabilized enough for us to open a copy in the 4th resupply.  I now understand what all the hype was about.  This is a great game that plays well at any number of players (3-5).  The swift start pack is awesome too, makes learning the game a breeze.  This game will see plenty of playtime with us."


  • can you tell me were is that cuz i want to play so bad:)

    yareli castillo
  • I love How Frankie’s comments are about the game and Bryan’s are about how he wants to keep the games in stock. Good for you guys going no electronics for a couple of days. Post more blogs!

    Tyler Fortner

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