About Halcyon Games

Halcyon Games Outside Sign
Halcyon Games is a retail store and event space in Spring, Texas in North Houston with an emphasis on Board, Card, and Roleplaying Games. Themed with nautical designs and features like a shiplap wall with three portholes separating shop aisles from the play space, Halcyon Games is where consumers can see what new products have sailed in while players of all backgrounds can cast anchor and enjoy their favorite games together.
The Retail Shop offers a regularly-updated cargo of games and accessories as well as gamer novelty products for something new docked every week. Some product releases are in-store only so be sure to stop by to see what's new. The crew can also special order products to find nearly anything you need to enjoy Game Night! Halcyon Games Retail Space
  • Board Games including new releases, expansions and Kickstarter games
  • Board Game Sleeves and Token Holders
  • Trading Card Games: Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, Flesh and Blood, Disney Lorcana
  • Card Sleeves, Binders & Binder Pages, Deck Boxes, Counters, and more
  • Roleplaying Game Books for games like Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer
  • RPG Accessories including dice, miniatures, spell cards, and more
  • Even more to discover in store and the online catalog!
Earn 5% store credit on every purchase with the Reward Member program.
Tell the crew you want to join or confirm membership next time you're in store!

The Play Space
 hosts events every evening during the week as well as multiple events on the weekend. Each event is helmed by a committed crew member there to keep the event moving, answer questions and teach the game, and they make our events even more fun!
    Halcyon Games Play Space
    Play Space Perks
    32 seats available 750 square feet in play space
    Separated from retail shopping Wi-Fi password for event guests
    Surge protectors on all 4 tables Cell charging blocks & cables available
    Two Gender Neutral Restrooms
    Port - Child Fixtures & Changing Table
    Starboard - Wheelchair Accessible
    Toiletries Stocked in Both Restrooms
    Toothbrushes, Deodorant Wipes
    Flushable Wipes & Feminine Hygiene
    Player-Donated Bulk Cabinet MTG Lands & Pokémon Energy
    Hot/Cold Water Dispenser & Cups Drink & Snack Vending in Play Space
    Board Game Library Always Open
    New Games Added Often
    Try Games in Store Before Buying
    Outside Food Okay to Bring In
    Sink & Paper Towels in Play Space
    Join the Event Loyalty Program to become a "Very Important Player" and earn doubloons with event seat purchases to spend on store merchandise! 
    The Private Room provides a separate space, fully walled off with its own mini fridge, for up to 8 players to enjoy a game in seclusion. Rentals available in morning and evening sessions. Weekly rentals get their time slot reserved!
    A peek at the Halcyon Games private room with a dragon image on the wall, a wooden light fixture, and a table with chairs around it.                   
     Separate room seats 8 with sound-dampened full walls and dedicated door
    Mini fridge to keep the group's drinks cold all night
    Dimmable lighting on nautical light fixtures for full control of ambience 
    Two Dragon Shield vinyl wallpapers add a feeling of dramaturgy
    If you're part of the Loyalty Program, earn 8 doubloons with each rental