Halcyon Games Rewards Program

At Halcyon Games we like to keep things simple.  We hope you will find our rewards program as simple as we do.  For every transaction you will receive 5% of the pre-tax subtotal (after all discounts and redeemed rewards credit are applied) in rewards credit.

Rewards credit may be redeemed on a future purchase in store or online for anything we sell except for gift cards, it can even pay for event fees. 

Unredeemed rewards credit automatically expires one (1) year after it is earned.

You can check your rewards credit balance at anytime via our website at www.halcyon.games.

By enrolling in our rewards program, you will receive automated information and marketing emails associated with our loyalty program and our store. You may opt out of our marketing emails at any time, however should you chose to do so you will also be opting out of our rewards program.  Any accumulated rewards credit will continue to be valid until it expires but you will no longer accumulate new rewards credit once you opt out of our marketing emails.

To signup for our rewards program opt-in to our email marketing and provide your name and email address to one of our associates during checkout in store.  It will take 24-48 hours for the credit from your first purchase to be applied.  Thereafter the credit from your orders will apply automatically and may be redeemed on any future purchase. 

Once you have signed up in-store you can create an account on our website using the same email address provided in-store and see all of your transactions and rewards credit.  You can even redeem that credit on-line.  We do not currently have a way to sign-up for rewards online, it must be done in-store.

When you return items from a purchase that earned rewards credit the corresponding amount of rewards credit attributable to those items will be deducted from your rewards account.  If you have already redeemed the rewards credit your rewards account will have a negative balance and future rewards credit earned will first be used to offset the negative balance before being available to use on a future purchase.