Rebuild the Nest Moving Sale, 5th Saturday Sale, and More!

This blog post is packed full of announcements and information.
Here are the Highlights:

Halcyon Games is Moving!

Check Out our Rebuild the Nest Sale Going on May 1st - 29th!

The 5th Saturday Sale is May 29th, Featuring Loot Boxes, Board Game Bundles, Discounts, and More!

Our Play Space is Reopening on June 1st!** See the bottom of this blog post for details!

Halcyon Games is Moving!

Don't worry, we are not going far, just a few doors down, in the same shopping center, where there is more space to relax, play games, and save money.

We are targeting early July for opening the new space. Keep an eye on our social media pages and emails for more details.

In the meantime, this is your chance to help us Rebuild the Nest into a bigger better store and play space for our Halcyon Gamers. Check out the sale details below.


Rebuild The Nest Sale

Our Halcyon Gamers have been raving about our selection of curated products for years. This curation has left an abundance of games in our Alternate Warehouse. Now is your chance to shop our Alternate Warehouse, save some money, and help us Rebuild the Nest.

For May we will be transforming our currently closed play space into an alternate warehouse sales display featuring hundreds of games, TCG accessories, and other items from the Alternate Warehouse.

Our Rebuild the Nest sale will be a progressive discount sale, culminating in a 50% discount for all games in the sale on Saturday, May 29th, during our 5th Saturday Sale.

5th Saturday Sale

Saturday, May 29th is Our 5th Saturday Sale. Featuring 50% off all the games in our Rebuild The Nest Sale, and more.

Our ever-popular Loot Boxes will also be back for our famous 5th Saturday Sale. So come in and grab one and see what treasures await.

While you are here don't forget to open a Halcyon Egg to see what prize you have won, just for being a Rewards Member, no purchase necessary. There are lots of goodies in the eggs and treasure chests!

Our 3 for $10 sale on a selection of WizKids and Reaper Bones unpainted minis will return.

We will also have a selection of Board Game Bundles featuring games and expansions bundled together for a discounted price!

Finally, as part of our Rebuild The Nest campaign you can bid on 1 of 3 sealed cases of Flesh and Blood Monarch 1st Edition during our 5th Saturday Sale. Simply fill out a bid form, seal it in an envelope, and drop it in the box. The top 3 bids will get to purchase a case for their bid price. See store on May 29th for all the details.

Reopening Our Play Space

It is hard to believe it has been over a year with no in-store play. We miss having our tables full of Halcyon Gamers. Thankfully the COVID-19 numbers are improving, and more people are getting vaccinated every day.

With that in mind, we will begin a gradual reopening of our play space on June 1st.** We anticipate everyone who wants the vaccine will be able to be fully vaccinated by then.

Initially, limited space will be available by appointment or for scheduled events only. Coordinate with your friends, or other Halcyon Gamers via our discord server, and then contact us via discord or by calling 713-835-7500 to reserve a time for your play group.

We will gradually be adding events back to our schedule and hope to fully reopen the play space when we move to our new bigger space (just a few doors down) in July.

**Please note that as the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve we may make changes to our reopening plan.

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