DHD RPG Dice Set Elessia Worldbuilders

DHD RPG Dice Set Elessia Worldbuilders

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Worldbuilders is a charity founded in 2008 by Patrick Rothfuss. Their work unites the geek community into a massive force to fund education, opportunity, and sustainable self-sufficiency for families and communities worldwide. They use the collective power of readers, authors, gamers, and geeks of all creeds to champion smart charities, giving donors the most bang for their buck by running solid programs designed not only to provide immediate help, but to improve lives for generations across entire communities. By partnering with established non-profits with decades of proven success, Worldbuilders makes the world a better place one family at a time. Learn more at Worldbuilders.org, or see more cool geek merchandise for a good cause at worldbuildersmarket.com

Elessia dice are a new, softer design from Die Hard Dice! Similar to our Avalore shape, Elessia dice feel like smooth river stones shaped by ancient waters over centuries.


  • Elessia dice offer softer, rounded edges of our Avalore design
  • Avalore font in high contrast colors for easy readability
  • Red and Black swirling color with white ink
  • Standard 7 piece RPG set
  • These dice help support Worldbuilders!