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Flesh and Blood Rotating Format

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Mondays at 6:30 pm Available Seats: 16 Fee: $5.95

Come Out and join us for a Flesh and Blood Tournament.  There is a weekly rotating schedule of formats:

  • 1st Monday is Draft. Requires additional purchase of packs for event.
  • 2nd Monday is Constructed.
  • 3rd Monday is Blitz.
  • 4th Monday is Constructed.
  • 5th Mondays (when they happen) are free Welcome Events!

Prizes are awarded from Armory Kits.

Your event seat includes:
* A cabinet full of Flesh and Blood player-donated chaff (don't forget to donate when you can!)
* Free Wifi. Cell Phone Charging is available upon request.
* Vending Machine and hot/room temp/cold water dispenser available.
* Forgot your playmat? No problem, borrow a FAB playmat!



Don't have a deck? The brand new Monarch Blitz decks are the perfect way to play with a deck straight out of the box! Matches will be Best of One, with a 30-minute timer.

For more information regarding the Blitz format, check out the following link:  


Classic Constructed is the quintessential Flesh and Blood experience. Players choose a Hero, then construct a 80-card deck made up of powerful signature moves, class cards, or generic cards, then compete against each-other in fast paced, 1v1 combat. 

For more information regarding the Blitz format, check out the following link:

Welcome Event

New to Flesh and Blood?  This is a free, very casual event where you can learn to play or play casually with other players.  This would also be a great time to test out any tweaks you want to make to your deck.  Come relax and play Flesh and Blood!