MLEM: Space Agency
MLEM: Space Agency
MLEM: Space Agency
MLEM: Space Agency

MLEM: Space Agency

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Let's take you on a journey to the year 2075...

Just as soon as they took control of the world, cats set their sights on a new frontier - space! The crème de la crème of feline specialists now compete for cosmic dominance, with their determination unmatched even by the lack of opposable thumbs. It's a fierce race, filled with catnip-fueled shenanigans and rockets that go boom! Who will emerge victorious in this epic race, claim their paws on the infinite treasures of the Milky Way, and become the true cosmic conquerors?

Light-weight filler game by Reiner Knizia driven by push your luck mechanics implemented with dice rolling. Players put their catstronauts into a rocket and decide which special ability might help them in the current round. The decision is either to stay in and aim for outer space or to get off, play safe and hope the mission will fail. The tension and excitement build as emotions fuel the gameplay and influence the decisions of the players.

  • PUSH YOUR LUCK ADVENTURES: Dive into a light-weight filler game designed by Reiner Knizia, driven by thrilling push your luck mechanics and dice rolling.
  • CATSTRONAUT ROCKET RIDES: Send your catstronauts into space and make crucial decisions about special abilities for each round.
  • RISK OR RETREAT: Choose to aim for outer space or play it safe with the hope that the mission might fail, fueling tension and excitement.
  • ENGAGING FOR ALL: Purrfectly engaging for all experience levels, from family players to core gamers.
  • FUN CAT-IN-SPACE THEME: Enjoy a fun and appealing cat-in-space theme with extraordinary artwork and high-quality components, including a gaming mat.

How to Play


  • 5 Player Boards
  • 40 Astronaut Tokens
  • 64 Point Tokens
  • 6 Dice
  • 1 Rocket Marker
  • 1 Rocket Board
  • 1 Cosmic Mat
  • 4 Goal Tokens
  • 1 Cosmic Failure Token
  • 20 Exploration Tokens
  • 20 Secret Mission Tokens
  • 5 UFO Tokens
  • 1 UFO Marker
  • 14 Expedition Tokens
  • Rulebook
Players: 2-5 Players
Time: 30-60 Minutes
Age: 8 and Up

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
mel bell
Quick and easy fun game with Cats!

Simple to learn and play - perfect for families or a filler game between heavier games. the neoprene mat the game comes with is nice and the art and components are cute. i’d say this is a must-get for fans of cat and push your luck games. if you like to try games before you buy, it’s available in Halcyon’s demo library to play.

Fun press your luck game

Easy to learn, quick to play, fun press your luck game.