Mystic Paths

Mystic Paths

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As an apprentice wizard, you have been transported to the Eternal Forest — an ancient forest, not of this world. Armed with only your wits and a map, you will attempt to successfully navigate the mystic paths to the end. Only then shall you graduate as a full wizard!

But your progress is blocked by sealed portals. These may only be opened by specific magic words — words that you are forbidden to utter. In this deductive mind game, strategic communication is key. Reveal one word clues to your teammates, and hope they speak the magic words for you. Each who passes all ten portals shall be proclaimed Champion!

Mystic Paths® is a deductive word game with an everchanging board. Players must play cards to give clues to the other players about your path through the Forest.  Progress through the portals relies on clear communication. But with only 3 clues per round and 5 rounds per game, efficient and clever cluegiving are the real keys to success. Playable as cooperative, teams or individuals!

How to Play

      Play Time: 30-45 Minutes 
      Players: 2-6
      Ages: 12+