Red Dragon Inn 8 The Pub Crawl

Red Dragon Inn 8 The Pub Crawl

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The Red Dragon Inn 8 is a new 2-5 player standalone expansion to The Red Dragon Inn series of games. In this expansion, you and up to four of your friends will play as the owners of five unique new taverns that share the city of Greyport with the eponymous Red Dragon Inn itself! You’ll also be able to play with the new Pub Crawl variant rules that will have you hopping from tavern to tavern, sampling each of their novel drinks before returning to the Inn.

The Red Dragon Inn 8 can be combined with all other RDI releases, letting you mix up the characters (and the mayhem) for games with more than 5 players!

Samantha the Bookie

Throw back an ale, or throw a punch! Either is good at The Scurvy Dog, and its owner, Samantha, is ready to set the odds for the inevitable barroom brawl. Visit this tavern if you like your drinks better with a side order of fighting!

The Good: Odds are, you’ll have a good time.

The Bad: It’s a no-holds bar!

Father Farai

Farai is a high-ranking official at the Great Temple of Greyport, but his first love is brewing. Come by the temple’s own brewery, The Harmonious Cup, and try a sip of Farai’s latest concoction!

The Good: Farai’s sampling menu knows no end.

The Bad: Farai’s sampling menu knows no end.

Lucky the Scofflaw

Lucky is the sort of person who always seems to be there when a barrel of Dwarven Firewater falls off the back of a warehouse. If you’re fortunate enough to stumble down the right alley, you may find some of it at Lucky’s Rolling Barrel!

The Good: Lucky has the best prices in town!

The Bad: It’s easy to be generous with stolen goods.

Phyll Startusk

What’s a beleaguered acolyte to do during finals week at the Mages’ Collegium? Study with a coffee and snack from Startusk’s! Phyll is ready to serve up some high-end potions and brews, and they’re worth every coin you’ll pay for them!

The Good: Customer service is top priority at Startusk’s.

The Bad: Go ahead. Ask to speak with the manager. He dares you.

Nerodia the Petrifier

Nerodia is a clever and devious gorgon with boundless energy and business savvy – just the right owner for a dark tavern like The Black Dragon Depths. Descend to the Depths to hire nefarious minions, or just to grumble about adventurers ruining your stuff!

The Bad: The Depths welcomes all sorts of dangerous fiends.

The Worse: That includes Nerodia!

Components: 5 new Character Decks, Samantha’s Brawl Deck, Samantha’s Brawl Tracker, Farai’s 12 Brew Cards, Nerodia’s Boss Deck, Lucky’s Heat Tracker, Drink Deck, 5 Tavern Decks, 6 oversized Tavern cards, 2 Prize Cards, Gold Coins and other Tokens, Rules.

    Play Time: 30-60 Minutes
    Players: 2-4
    Ages: 13+

    *NOTE: This is a Standalone Expansion.  Red Dragon Inn or other Red Dragon Inn games are NOT required to play, but can be combined for more players.