Stat Trackers Friends & Foes: From Below
Stat Trackers Friends & Foes: From Below

Stat Trackers Friends & Foes: From Below

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50 spectacularly-illustrated cards featuring original DND monsters for a variety of character levels; including new kinds of hobgoblins and goblins, undead, drow, terrifying creatures from below, and much more. Surprise and challenge even the most veteran players with these unique creatures! 

All the stats for these original monsters are there at a glance. Hang them over your DM screen so the players can see the great art on the front, while all the stats are visible to the DM in an intuitive, easy-to-use format on their side. Any DM can use these original, beautifully-illustrated monster cards for their unique content, tactics, and ease of use, even if they play online or do not use a DM screen.

The back of every card features the art again, a read aloud description, DM-only background information, and detailed tactics for every creature. Easily create random encounters with these original monsters, or use the backgrounds provided to inspire unique side quests, whole adventures, or even use them as an integral part of your campaign setting.

Stat Trackers’ Friends & Foes Collection is designed to work great on its own, and even better as a complete DM system with our other Stat Trackers products. Track initiative and have the stats for every monster, player character, and NPC in the encounter at a glance when used in combination with our Stat Trackers Core  Set (317 official DND monsters), Character Tracker and Blank Monster Tracker forms, and/or Dry Erase GM Screen with built-in hit point tracker. 

Friends & Foes is printed on oversized, sturdy, dry erase friendly cards. They are pre-scored for easy folding over the DM screen and are printed in color on both sides. They come in a re-closable tuck box for easy storage.

From Below Includes the following 50 original DND Creatures: Bugbear Brute, Cave Creeper, Choking Hand, Devourer, Doom Knight, Drez, Drow Champion, Drow Cleric, The Drowned,  Duergar Jolter, Dwarf Juggernaut, Emerald Sharptooth , Euryale, Frostskull, Geovore, Ghoul King, Goblin Bannergob, Goblin Bully, Goblin Netter, Goblin Sniper, Goblin Stabber, Gravipod, Hobgoblin Monk, Hobgoblin Pikegob, Hobgoblin Sergeant, Ironhide Zombie, Kobold Khemist, Magma Spider, Magmander, Morkath, Necroggin, Ophidian Caller, The Red Lady, Sapphire Sharptooth, Searing Spectre, Skeleton Trooper, Stone Gnome, Storm Drake, Tomb Guard, Tulloc, Umbra Glutton, Undead Commander, Vampire Nightblade, Viperidae, Viperidae Shaman, Wererat Dreg, Wraith King, Wyrmkin, Zombie Dragon, Zombie Steed

50 Original DND Monster Cards / Initiative Trackers, a DM Tool by Stat Trackers

  • 50 Original Monsters and Creatures for a variety of character levels

  • Each F&F Monster Tracker has an amazing illustration of the unique creature

  • Complete stats for the DM in an easy-to-use format

  • Read-aloud description to be read to the players

  • DM-only background information

  • Tactics commonly used by the creature

  • Simple way to create random encounters on the fly in seconds

  • Great inspiration for planning unique encounters, side quests, and adventures

  • Trackers are printed in color on sturdy cardstock, are dry and wet erase friendly, and are pre-scored for easy folding

  • Come in a re-closable tuck box for easy storage

  • Hang them over the screen with other Stat Trackers products to track initiative and have stats at-a-glance for everyone in the encounter