Tic Tac K.O. Cute vs Evil

Tic Tac K.O. Cute vs Evil

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Are you Team Cute or Team Evil? Join a team of adorable animals or creepy crawlies and stage a battle for the ages! Repel, Awaken, and Hypnotize abilities give each team their own edge. Who will come out on top.

Tic Tac K.O. is a quick-to-learn card game that puts a diabolical twist on Tic Tac Toe, letting you smack your opponents to the side as you claim squares in your quest for victory.


  • 92 cards
  • 1 rule book
  • 1 grid

Protect your game with sleeves:

  • 2 packs of Matte or Prime Gamegenic! Standard Card Game sleeves
Play Time: 30-60 Minutes
Players: 2-4
Ages: 8+