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Warhammer Meetup

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Join our weekly Sunday Warhammer Casual Play. Bring your favorite armies from Warhammer 40K or Age of Sigmar and meet up with other players. You decide the format, from quick Kill Team matches to epic battlefields, play and see whose army will reign supreme! We are just getting started with in-store wargames. Bring your friends and help shape the way Warhammer is played in-store. Tournaments and specific format events will be organized in the future as we grow our Warhammer Sundays.

Available Seats: 8 with room for 1 full AOS/WH40K game or several Kill Team/Skirmish games at a time.

Fee: $4.95 | waived with a minimum $10 purchase in-store.

* Free Wifi.

* Cell Phone Charging is available upon request.

* Vending Machine available.

*Terrain available for use.

* The fee covers you for the whole event, even if you leave for part of the event time.