Zombicide Special Guest Edouard Guiton

Zombicide Special Guest Edouard Guiton

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Survivors - Two brand new Survivors join the fray, complete with their own Survivor card and highly detailed miniature figure.

Zombivors - If these heroes join the ranks of the undead, at least they don’t have to leave the game. Their Zombivor counterpart is represented by their own miniature figure.

Join Any Story - These Survivors can join any version of Zombicide and fight for life and freedom.

Édouard Guiton grew up in the suburbs of Paris, where he never thought his hobby of sketching monsters and warriors would become a job. He founded the game publishing company Rackham in 1997, with his brother, where he focused mainly on character design. Guiton’s first comics were published in 2007. For Zombicide, Guiton has designed two new Survivors and their infected Zombivor versions.

Doud awoke in the hospital after the outbreak had started. His terrible skateboard accident didn’t kill him, and he’s determined to survive this plague too.

Not much is known of Tomiko’s past, but she wields a mean axe, despite the fuzzy bunny costume she wears.

    Play Time: 60 Minutes
    Players: 1-6
    Ages: 14+