2 Player Games for Valentine's Day

Love is in the air.  As Valentine's Day is just a month away we know what you are thinking.  Candle lit dinners, red roses, boxes of chocolates, and board games.  Right?  With that in mind we have compiled our list of favorite two player board games that would be perfect for Valentine's Day, and year round.  We'll spotlight two games a week from now until Valentine's Day and we're starting off this week with two mini games from iello, Schotten Totten & Schotten Totten 2.  

A warm spring breeze flows through the valley as the birds begin to sing and the snow slowly melts away. Your precious village is slowly uncovered and the stone lines that define your property become visible. The earth is soft and the stones could easily roll just a bit into your neighbor’s farm granting you the extra room your clan needs. No one will notice, right? 

Suddenly an arrow whizzes past your ear! It seems that your neighbor had the same idea and is now pushing stones to enlarge his property. Use your cards to create the best battle formations and defend your village. Claim enough stones to win the game!

You’ll need skill, cunning, and a bit of luck to defeat your opponent in this refreshed version of the classic game, Schotten-Totten from famed designer Reiner Knizia!

This is a quick game, taking just 20 minutes to play.  Send members of your clan to defend a Stone and exert your strength by playing the best combination of cards.  To win, be the first to control five Stones scattered along the border or three adjacent Stones.

If you enjoy Gin Rummy, this game should be right up your alley.  Once you've mastered the basic game add the included Tactic Cards to the game for an advanced format.

In Schotten Totten 2 there is panic in Scotland: the war between clans is stronger than ever!  Your enemies are now attacking your castle! Defend your walls and prevent your opponent from finding a breach!

Meet the explosive sequel of one of the best card games in the world! Play as the attacker or defender in this fast asymmetrical and tactical card game that will appeal to your sense of bluff.

This is not just a reskin of the original but a completely new game with exciting new game play elements.  It also includes a series of tactics cards like the original for advanced/variant game play.

If you enjoy head to head competition either, or both, of these could be perfect to play with your Valentine. 

This is a multi-part blog series.  

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